Starter: What do you think the Holy Spirit does? How important is he for your Christian life? 

Part 1 |

The Spirit…

  1. Gives LIFE
  2. Continues the MISSION of Christ
  3. Brings GLORY to Christ


  1. Where do we see in the Bible that the Spirit gives life?
  2. What is the connection between the work of the Spirit and the ministry of Jesus? Are we familiar with this?

Part 2 |

Through the Spirit…

  1. We enjoy God’s PRESENCE!
  2. We experience God’s POWER!
  3. We’re equipped for God’s MISSION!


  1. What is the Holy Spirit promised to be and do for Jesus’ disciples? Does this fit with our previous expectations of the Spirit? 
  2. How does this passage comfort Jesus’ disciples when he is physically absent? How might this shape the way we encourage one another in ordinary life?
  3. Read Galatians 5:22-25. What do you make of this portrait of a life shaped by the Spirit? (Especially when compared to ‘the flesh’)
  4. In what specific areas or situations might we need to change for this portrait to be more fully reflected in our lives?How do v24-25 give us confidence?
  5. In what one area would you like to grow in response to what we’ve heard about the Holy Spirit? Turn this to prayer for one another.

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