Following on from our first post about why feeding on the Bible is utterly crucial for our growth, here are some tried-and-tested, as well as new-and-creative, ways to get eating!

Let’s use this New Year to commit to being a church which regularly spends time together in God’s Word. Remember, it matters less how you’re reading through the Bible, and more that you’re actually doing it. Over time, you’ll find it will become an indispensable part of your day.

1. Daily Reading Notes

These are the staple diet of many thousands of Christians across the globe. And there are many many flavours of notes. All good Daily Reading notes will walk you through a short Bible passage with helpful explanation, questions and ideas for prayer all provided for you!! Everything you need. One of our favourites is Explore.



2. Smart Phone apps

Use technology to our advantage and, instead of looking at the BBC headlines again, read some Scripture. Most Apps have built-in reading plans to help you get started.


There are also fantastic apps to help you memorise verses and passages.


3. Accessible Commentaries

Take advantage of gifted teachers’ years of study by reading through an accessible commentary (ie one which doesn’t spend pages discussing academic debates).



4. Listen to God’s Word

Listen as you drive to work, go for a run, or pop down to the shops.



5. Meditation and/or Journalling

Take a single verse of Scripture, memorise it, dwell on it, pray it, let it sink into your heart. Don’t be put off by the name, biblical meditation is just intensive slow reading of the Bible. It’s a beautiful thing.



6. Memorise scripture

As we’ve mentioned already, memorising Scripture is a fantastic way to let God’s Word sink deep into our hearts. It’s a dying art in some parts of the church today. Let’s revive it! Maybe learn a passage together with your growth group or prayer triplet? Adding one verse each week or meeting?



7. Listen to Scripture-soaked music

Choose some music with bible-saturated lyrics and praise God while cleaning the house, going for a jog, cooking dinner or driving to the shops.



8. Or just read

There’s no magic formula here. Just pick up a Bible and read it until your heart is warmed.


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