here are some resources to try and help you and your family work out how to engage with Halloween as a family this year

Podcast for Parents:

Faith in Parents #47 Halloween: Standing Out or Missing Out?

October 2020

Ed and Amy talk to Maria Williams about bringing up kids when the culture is yelling at them to conform to the pattern of this world

Podcast for Kids:

Faith in KIDS #46 Light Wins!

October 2020

Ed, Amy and Jam are back for a special autumnal episode, which something about tigers you really didn’t expect, and might just save your life. We don’t need to be afraid of the dark, or the spooky stuff of Halloween because Jesus is the Light. And Light always wins!

Article for Parents:

Have Yourself A Hallowed Halloween

October 2020

While Halloween has largely been overtaken by inflatable witches and gory masks, the holiday’s roots in Christian belief and practice offer easy opportunities to engage my children in conversations about death and grief and Christian hope. So, while everything in me wants to ditch Halloween in favor of more innocuous harvest parties and trunk-or-treats, I’m choosing to creatively opt in…”

Read Clarissa Moll’s thoughts on how to engage with your children this Halloween season and make the most of the opportunity it presents

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