I’d love to say that as a result of attending ‘Growing in Marriage’ I am now a perfect wife married to a perfect husband living in perfect wedded bliss. That’s patently not the case….but wonderfully I’ve had my eyes opened to how God is using my marriage as part of his good plan both in my life & in the life of those around me.

Last Thursday evening was both one of the most encouraging & one of the most challenging since I got married;

As we worked through a real life case study on conflict, it was helpful to see that we all struggle in our marriages to some extent and that God uses those struggles to help us grow up into Christ. And whilst I’m currently blessed with parents & parents in law who are in good health, I also found the session on honouring ageing parents helpful – after all it’s only a matter of time! What a blessing to hear it acknowledged that spending time looking after ageing parents isn’t so much ‘stepping back’ from ministry as stepping into tough, frontline ministry. I know I’ll be revisiting my notes from the session frequently. And I’ve already signed up for ‘Growing in Families’ on 28th June!

If you’d like to listen to the talks, click here or watch the video below. The accompanying handout (including questions to work through) is here. If you’d like to discuss anything raised in more detail, contact Andrew Nicholls.

Sign up for Growing in Families here.

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