Real life can be hard.

The effects of sin and suffering hurt each of us in many different ways. It could be the horrors of abuse, an ongoing struggle with addiction or the daily burden of anxiety. We can feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn — whether in our own struggles or for others we’re supporting.

Wonderfully, the gospel of Jesus Christ truly is good news for real life.

This Good News for Real Life series of events and resources is designed to help us see how knowing God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — can make all the difference in even the most painful circumstances of life. We value professional experts and specialists who can often help in particular ways. We also have pastors and biblical counsellors who can come alongside those who are struggling. But this series is to help all of us — as ordinary believers, friends, parents, spouses, small group or youth leaders — play our part to “encourage one another daily” (Hebrews 3:13) in the joys and struggles of life.

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Sermon Series

This series was intended to help Christians engage with these everyday issues,
but could be a useful follow up for conversations with those looking into the faith.

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