Week 4: Generosity

A gospel-shaped family is generous. Those who are defined by the ultimate gift can’t help but be giving people. But what will that look like in practice? Why is it often hard? How can we help one another? 

• What kinds of things do we have that we could give others?  
• Can you think of examples when someone has been generous to you. How did that affect you?
• What ‘barriers’ stop us giving what we have? 

If we’re honest, when thinking about generosity it’s so easy to be driven by fear (what if I end up worse off?) or guilt (what can I ‘get away’ with?). The Bible has an entirely different pattern for thinking about generosity. 

1. Read 2 Corinthians 8:1-9. How does v1-7 present a countercultural picture? What does gospel-shaped generosity look like according to these verses? 
2. How might v8 be both an encouragement and a challenge? 
3. Why is v9 essential for a truly Christian approach to giving? 


4. How practically might this affect our attitude towards generosity? How does this help us overcome various ‘barriers’?
5. How can we help one another grow in the grace of generosity as a gospel-shaped family? 

Leader’s notes (PDF)

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