My name is Robert. I’m 11. My family has been going to the afternoon service at Dundonald for 4 years. Before that we lived in Sydney. I’ve got 2 older sisters.

Robert is a part of our 4pm service and is in our ‘Forklifts’ group (9-11s). We’ve asked him to share how life has been during this Coronavirus lockdown.

#3 – 05/05/20 – Back to School

Not much has happened since I last wrote. Not much happens at the moment! Most days feel the same. The weekends don’t feel much different to the weekdays. I find it tiring because there’s not much to do. I get more energy from doing things (even energetic things like football) & seeing people. When I don’t have anything to do or anyone to see I just feel like lying on my bed. I read quite a lot but I’m running out of books.


Schoolwork is a bit better now than it was before the Easter holidays because I’ve got a bit more to do. It’s not always fun but it keeps me busy. I like it that my teachers put up the work for the week so I can just get on with it. I feel a bit annoyed when I finish everything and Mum gives me more stuff to do. I know she’s trying to keep me busy but it’s still annoying.

Online friendships…

I chat with some of my friends (including friends in other countries) on zoom and over email but I’m not in touch with everyone I normally see like all the kids in my class. Talking on zoom isn’t the same as being with people because I would normally do stuff with my friends not just talk. Also we don’t have much to say because we don’t do much! But it’s definitely better than nothing. Sometimes we play games online.

We did a quiz with my dad’s family which was fun. Each household had to write a round of 10 questions. Our round was called ‘where in the world’. Do you know where in the world is the largest island? (Hint: It’s not Australia because that’s a continent.) We also had a zoom meal with our friends where our devices were on the table so we could all chat and play a word game. It was a bit like all being at the same table.

When lockdown finally finishes…

When lockdown finally finishes, I’m looking forward to going out to places that are fun & not essential like Flip Out & not the Post Office. I’m looking forward to playing football and seeing people in person. It will be nice to go to church instead of watching church. I’m looking forward to seeing my church friends because I don’t see most of them anywhere else. I miss Jolt a lot too. I have friends who go to Jolt who don’t go to church so I’d like to see them learning about Jesus again.

‘Some things are better than they were before’

Some things are better in lockdown than they were before. It’s more peaceful because we’re not rushing around and don’t be have to be anywhere at a set time. I’m also enjoying our family dinners & playing board games together. I eat lunch with my sisters which wouldn’t normally happen because we’re at different schools. Before lockdown we didn’t get so much time together. Sometimes it’s too much but mostly it’s nice!

What does the situation make me want to say to God?

Because it’s been going on a long time I want to say please let it end soon and please keep everyone stay safe & stay calm.

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