My name is Robert. I’m 11. My family has been going to the afternoon service at Dundonald for 4 years. Before that we lived in Sydney. I’ve got 2 older sisters.

Robert is a part of our 4pm service and is in our ‘Forklifts’ group (9-11s). We asked him to share how life has been during this Coronavirus Lockdown.

#1 – 02/04/20 – Life on Lockdown

When I first heard that school was going to be closed, I was quite happy to have a break from doing lots of work. It’s actually been boring because you can’t meet up with people (and the people in your family are sometimes annoying- nearly always). Doing schoolwork is a bit easier because there are no interruptions but it’s hard if you get stuck because you can’t ask the teacher.

Staying in touch…

It’s good being in touch with people on Zoom / Skype / Microsoft Teams even though you can’t be with them. I do my Forklifts Bible study with 2 of my friends on Zoom. We read the passage and watch Tim’s talk on the video before we go on Zoom to do the questions together. Then we pray. It’s the same as praying together in a room because your eyes are closed. Afterwards we have a chat.

I have to sit in on the grown up church with my parents so I listen to the sermon as well as doing Forklifts. The sermon’s on something different to what we’re doing in Forklifts. And it’s long. There are lots of things to be distracted by in our lounge & through the window.

I think the school holidays will be a bit worse than normal because usually I see a lot of friends (including cousins & people who don’t go to the same school as me) and I won’t be able to do that this time. I don’t think I’ll be bored but it will be different to normal.

What does the situation make me want to say to God?

Please help everyone and everything (even though I know he already is doing it). Thank you that I’m still alive!

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