My name is Robert. I’m 11. My family has been going to the afternoon service at Dundonald for 4 years. Before that we lived in Sydney. I’ve got 2 older sisters.

Robert is a part of our 4pm service and is in our ‘Forklifts’ group (9-11s). We’ve asked him to share how life has been during this Coronavirus lockdown.

#4 – 23/05/20 – The worst Year 6 ever?

Not a lot’s been happening really. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to remember what day it is. Our weeks have a bit of a routine with schoolwork on weekdays. At weekends it’s hard to know what to do. We usually have a zoom call with family. And there’s church on Sundays.

Small changes make a big difference…

It’s nice that we can go out more than once a day now. I played tennis with my Dad yesterday. And I’m REALLY pleased that we’re allowed to meet one friend outside. My friend came and we sat in the driveway to talk. We played DS & battleships so we weren’t touching the same things. It was so good to see him in person. Zoom’s OK but it’s not the same. I’m going to play tennis with another friend next week.

Back to school…

I’m in year 6 so it looks like I’ll be going to back to school after half term. I’m kind of looking forward to it but it will be very different because of the things my school needs to do to keep everyone safe. I’ll only be going 3 days a week. We’ll be split up into groups and won’t be able to see the people in other groups (we even have different drop off & pick up times) so I might not be with my friends. As long as I have one friend in my group it will be OK.

Other things that will be different are that we have to eat lunch in our classrooms and we can’t use the library, the computers or the outdoor equipment. Hopefully we’ll be able to run around at break time. In the classrooms we’ll just be sat at our desks. We won’t be able to work in groups. I’ll be a bit on my own even though I’m at school. I’ll still be able to talk to my friends on zoom though. I’ve done that a bit more recently which has been good especially seeing people I hadn’t seen since school closed.

One of my sisters won’t go back to school until September. The other one is in Year 10 and will go after half term but only for a couple of hours a day every other week. I don’t know if I’m pleased or not about going back to school. I just do what I’m told. I’d really like to be going to back school and for it to be normal but I know that’s not likely to happen for a long time. I’ll probably be in year 7 by the time that happens and then I’ll be at a different school.

“It’s kind of been the worst year 6 ever. We haven’t had all the special stuff. It makes me feel a bit sad. But at least I’ll get to see people to say goodbye.”

If Covid hadn’t happened, I would have done my SATS a few weeks ago and then we would have done loads of fun stuff like a trip to Chessington, a leaving party, an end of year production and the presentation assembly. It’s kind of been the worst year 6 ever. We haven’t had all the special stuff. It makes me feel a bit sad. But at least I’ll get to see people to say goodbye.

What are you wanting to say to God at the moment?

Please help me to remember that it’s all His plan and so it will turn out OK because He is in control and He is good

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