My name is Robert. I’m 11. My family has been going to the afternoon service at Dundonald for 4 years. Before that we lived in Sydney. I’ve got 2 older sisters.

Robert is a part of our 4pm service and is in our ‘Forklifts’ group (9-11s). We’ve asked him to share how life has been during this Coronavirus lockdown.

#2 – 22/04/20 – Holidays at Home

I expected the school holidays to be a bit worse than normal because of not being able to away or to see friends. We normally go to Cornwall every Easter with all my cousins and we have lots of fun together. Other things I like doing in the holidays that we couldn’t do this time are go to Five Guys or Wafflemeister, go to Flip Out, go climbing and go swimming.

In the end the holidays weren’t too bad

In the end the holidays weren’t too bad. We did some fun things even though it was different to normal. We camped in our garden and toasted marshmallows on the fire pit. We also pretended we had gone out for a pub lunch by making up a menu, all having what we wanted to eat & drink and eating in the garden. We had Cornish treats like fudge, Kelly’s ice cream and saffron buns with clotted cream.

Sisters & Friends

I had lots more time with my sisters than usual in the holidays because normally we’d be out more and seeing friends not just being at home together. We had fun but it’s hard just seeing the same people all the time. I was able to talk to my friends on Zoom. We also played Pictionary online with my cousins. But it’s not the same as being together.

God is in control of everything

The Bible studies we did in Forklifts over Easter reminded me that God is control of everything, including what’s going on right now. When Jesus died it seemed to be a bad thing but it was actually a good thing. So everything is in God’s plan even if it looks bad to us.

The lockdown continues

It was hard when we found out that lockdown was going to continue. It wasn’t a surprise but it was still hard. It’s kind of boring staying at home for so long. I think I’m going to get more school work than I did before Easter because now everyone realises we’re going to miss lots. I’d like to go back to school so I could see my friends. And it would make time at home more special.

What does the situation make me want to say to God?

Please keep on looking after everyone and thank you that I am healthy.

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