My name is Abby and I live with my Mum, Dad, big brother and big sister.

Abby is a part of our 10:45am service and is in our ‘Stackers’ group (7-9s). We asked her to share how life has been during this Coronavirus Lockdown.

#1 – 08/04/20 – Looking forward to Easter

I’m not going to church because of the coronavirus. I miss my friends at church. Every Sunday we watch church online. There are kids videos online for different age groups. I watch the 5-7 and 8-11 year old videos because I am 8.

1 – We also did some activities that Tash sent us – we sang Colin songs on Spotify, drew pictures of Jesus on the cross and also played a game.

2 – Most nights after dinner we do “The Wonder of Easter” by Ed Drew. I like doing the activities in it and I like it when its my turn to read out the Bible passage. Mum gives us a Cadbury mini egg afterwards. Sometimes 2, depending if we did it the night before or not!

3 – This week I made a Resurrection garden using things in my backyard. This is what it looks like now, and I will change it on Easter Sunday.

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