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The Faith in Parents podcast is run by Faith in Kids, and is all about helping families raise children in the Christian faith. On this stream, you’ll find lots of podcasts for parents, presented by Ed, Amy and Jam.

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All of the ‘Faith in Parents’ podcasts are worth a listen, but we thought we’d highlight a couple of great episodes. The first one is an upbeat but honest reflection on lockdown family life from Ed, Amy and Jam. The second is a helpful conversation with special guest Sandy Galea on reading the Bible and praying with our kids.

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Faith in Parents #34 Lockdown Living Lows and Highs

The team share some hopes and encouragements from their families in lockdown, as well as the genuine struggles and revelations after 5 weeks. We hope this is encouraging to hear how other families are getting on, as well as give you some ideas of things to do!

Faith in Parents #15 Reading the Bible & Praying with Your Kids

Sandy shares lots of helpful thoughts and experiences of how you can get Jesus into your home, from Bible time to prayer to chats in the car. We hope you find lots of little nuggets to help you to get Jesus into your home.

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Dundonald Kids is the team led by our Children's Minister Natasha Small that aims to partner with parents in growing young disciples of Christ.

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