Dundonald youth

Dundonald Youth is made up of Pathfinders (year 7-9)
and CYFA (year 10-13) and a large and passionate team of leaders.

Secondary school comes with many challenges, and joys, and struggles,
and opportunities, and we love helping young people discover how amazing
Jesus is and the Life that he offers, now and forever! 

Youth Bible Series

We believe that God speaks to us through his Word by his Holy Spirit,
and through bible study we can know God, trust his Son Jesus,
and we can worship Him with our lives today.

These Youth bible studies can be done on your own, with a parent or with friends, and we pray you’ll joyfully follow Jesus as you read his living words.

Luke Series

Been told things about Jesus,
but not 100% what it’s all about or if it’s true?

Luke writes his ‘orderly account’ so that we can know with certainty that Jesus
is truly the Son of God, dying to save the world and rising to rule his kingdom forever.

Follow this series to see the final weeks of Jesus’ life,
and the dramatic events leading to his return to heaven…

Joshua Series

‘Joshua’ (in Greek, Jesus) leads God’s people into the long promised land, faithfully obeying God’s word and delivering their inheritance.
Click to discover how Joshua points us to Jesus, and what it means for us today!

Titus Series

Does the way I behave….matter? What is the connection between ‘being a good person’ and being a ‘Christian’? Discover the connection between grace and godliness in our series in Titus!

6 Ways God Isn’t Like Us

We’ve partnered with All Nations Church Barkingside and Clayhall to use their ‘6 Ways God isn’t Like Us’ video series. Each Sunday through the summer, just head to the YouTube playlist for the next video instalment. Short videos, thought provoking questions – perfect to do as a family / with a friend / as a small group.

Prayer Series

‘In this new series on Prayer, we are going to be thinking about: What is prayer? Who do we pray to? When can we pray? Why should we pray? What can we pray? How did Jesus teach us to pray?
As always we will turn to the bible, God’s living word, to seek answers to these questions and to listen humbly to what God teaches us.’

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