Dundonald youth

Dundonald Youth is made up of Pathfinders (year 7-9)
and CYFA (year 10-13) and a large and passionate team of leaders.

Secondary school comes with many challenges, and joys, and struggles,
and opportunities, and we love helping young people discover how amazing
Jesus is and the Life that he offers, now and forever! 

Youth Bible Series

We believe that God speaks to us through his Word by his Holy Spirit,
and through bible study we can know God, trust his Son Jesus,
and we can worship Him with our lives today.

These Youth bible studies can be done on your own, with a parent or with friends, and we pray you’ll joyfully follow Jesus as you read his living words.

Acts Series

Jesus has died, risen and ascended… but his work doesn’t stop there!

In his second volume, Luke records the remarkable acts of the early church as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit work through the resurrection witnesses to proclaim the good news that Jesus is Lord and Saviour – not of one region, or one cultural background… but of all people, everywhere!

Follow this series to see how Jesus continued to work through those first disciples, and what it means for followers of Jesus today…

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