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Kids running riot? Have they managed to throw the jam sandwich onto the ceiling yet?

What could be a better combination than time-sapping, child-engaging activities which feature something that points them to great truth from the Bible! Try some of these over the school holidays for when you are desperate for something they can do!

We’d love to see pictures of some finished articles!


Download, print, and fill with colour to your heart’s content!

The Wonder of Easter Puzzles

Complete these amazing puzzles Tash has created that point you back to what we have seen in ‘The Wonder of Easter’

1. Return of the King

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2. Taken Away by Guards

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3. Saved! Just in Time

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5. He’s gone, We’re Still Happy

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Dundonald Kids

Dundonald Kids is the team led by our Children's Minister Natasha Small that aims to partner with parents in growing young disciples of Christ.

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