Do you currently feel stretched to your emotional and physical limits?

Unusual time…

At this unusual time, it’s evident that how we can keep encouraging each other as women might look very different depending on our home and work situation, so here are some different suggestions for different situations….

If you currently feel stretched to your emotional and physical limits and are struggling to find time in the day for personal refreshment from God’s word, here are a few links to short podcasts/playlists which we hope will feed your soul in the midst of a busy day. 

This article produced by CCEF, prepared for Mums (Moms!) stuck inside during winter has taken on a new relevance!

The Risen Motherhood website has a vast library of podcasts, and each Wednesday a new episode is added (most recently, John Piper’s encouragements for mum’s in times of suffering). There are discussions on everyday motherhood through the lens of the gospel from potty training or cooking dinner, to miscarriage or PPD, no topic is off limits. 

Each episode is about 20 minutes, so you can fit it into your day once the kids are with dad or in bed and you’re multi-tasking (washing dishes, folding laundry or… hopefully sitting down with a coffee!).

Andy Mason, Vicar of St John’s Chelsea, is producing a very helpful series of short (7 minute!) podcasts, so far including topics like “homeschooling” and “relationships”. 

If a talk or article is too much, how about listening along to the lyrics of the songs we sing in church? Sing Bible truths to your soul when you get a moment.

If at the polar opposite,
you currently find yourself with more time on your hands…

If at the polar opposite, if you currently find yourself with more time on your hands and are looking to partner with others in a similar position to invest that time in growing in godliness so that you can “speak with wisdom” (Proverbs 31:26), click on the image below for some more suggestions.

We’d love to hear what you are finding helpful so that we can add them here

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Gen Johnston

Genevieve is on the staff team helping the pastors to think through how as a church we disciple or deploy the women in our church in ministry. Most of the time, we do this as a mixed group of men and women, but part of Gen’s role is to facilitate the growth and ministry that is helpful for women to do separately from time to time. She’s married to Johnno, they have three teenage daughters, a cat and a new puppy who is helping Gen remember what it’s like to have a toddler in the house….

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