“Why would you make camping ‘Dangerous’?” you may ask. It’s already uncomfortable, stressful, and sends shivers down your spine.

Well, Dangerous Camping this past weekend included ‘camping’, but it was so much more!

Dangerous Camping is our annual event, aimed at children aged 8 – 11, and their Dads! The reason why it was so fun, was because it wasn’t just a church members event; 41 families came, and about half were guests who don’t normally come to church. Children had invited their friends from school, and Dads had persuaded their friends to bring their kids along!

Throughout the weekend, we had barbeques, lots of sitting by the fire in small pods of families, adventures in the woods, many fun family games (where Dads got really competitive!), group bible time, and tactical meetings on how to stay warm when you sleep!

This year was particularly awesome, because normal church Dads had organized, and ran the event. Dads can be organized!

That was just a small summary of Dangerous Camping, but just with words I can’t describe how wonderful it was; in coldness, in sunshine, around the fire, having fun, together with children and Dads. Perhaps you would like to experience it next year?

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