Part 1 |

  • Almighty God is the uncreated creator of all things
  • Nothing that exists was created apart from him
  • Everything that exists owes its existence to him

Discussion (1)

  1. How might this view of creation contrast with other views in our culture? 
  2. Do you feel confident that the Bible’s teaching is credible and commendable? 

Part 2 |

  • God the Creator of all is worthy of all our worship
  • Wisdom and blessing come from following the Creator’s design

Discussion (2)

  1. Read Gen 1:1-5
    • What do you notice about the way the creation account is told?
    • What do the details reveal about God and the world?
  2. Read Rev 4:9-11
    • According to v11 why is the Lord God worthy to receive worship? How does this help us grasp the horror of idolatry (cf. Rom 1:21-23)?
    • How does the setting of v9-10 help our thinking and emotional response to this God & his deeds?
  3. Consider together the real- life implications of this picture of God the Almighty Creator for our:
    • Worship: In what specific areas are we tempted to give ultimate honour and glory to something instead of God? Why is this outrageous?
    • Wisdom: Do we really believe that God’s ways are the best way to live? Where might we (as individuals or as a group) struggle with this?
    • Witness: What difference will it make to the way we speak to all different kinds of people about God if we believe he is the creator of all?
  4. How would you like to pray in response to what we’ve heard? 

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