At Dundonald Church we encourage a culture of respect, honesty and openness.  Our staff team strive to care for individuals and to serve everybody – without discrimination – in a way that will please and honour our Lord Jesus.  However, we may sometimes make mistakes and we realise that may be painful for those affected.  If you have any concerns or complaints about any member of our church staff or one of our church elders, please will you let them know?  They would love the opportunity to discuss those concerns, to learn from any mistakes made and to preserve the unity of the church.

If the staff member involved does not address your concerns to your satisfaction, then please let us know by contacting Stephen Hatherall (, John Marland (, or one of the church’s other elders.  However, if you continue to have concerns, Dundonald Church is part of The Co-Mission Churches Trust and you should follow the formal process outlined in the charity’s Complaints Procedure.