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One 2 One Bible Study: Louise & Emily’s story

One of the best ways of connecting the life-giving word of the Bible to the events of life is through One 2 One Bible study. They can be short-term (e.g. 6 studies); they can be targeted at a particular struggle (e.g. purity/parenting); they can simply be about learning to read and engage with the Bible together. As we speak the truth in love to one another, we will grow up to become the mature body of Christ (Eph 4:15).


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Growing in Marriage

I’d love to say that as a result of attending ‘Growing in Marriage’ I am now a perfect wife married to a perfect husband living in perfect wedded bliss. That’s patently not the case….but wonderfully I’ve had my eyes opened to how God is using my marriage as part of his good plan both in my life & in the life of those around me. (more…)

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