Marriage Matters

Based on Paul Tripp’s excellent book ‘What did you expect?’, Marriage Matters looks at what the Bible has to say about marriage and considers its practical implications.

The course runs for 6 weeks and is a great MOT for all married couples.

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Revive: Created for Christ

In the beginning…there was Richard in a marquee.

But by the end there was lots of tired but smiling faces inspired by God’s creativity, amazed by the servant-nature of those in charge, and motivated to keep God at the centre of their lives through the “awesome illustration of a stone in a jar”.

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Let me give you my card…

We’ve just had a delivery of new business cards at Dundonald this morning and the timing couldn’t be better. Perhaps you already have a personal card you use with work, but you’d be forgiven for thinking perhaps they’re not that necessary in the digital, smart-phone age.

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