First Steps

The cups are ready and lined up.  The kettle is coming to a boil.  There’s coffee in the pot.  The soft playmats are laid out and there is a circle of chairs around them waiting to be filled.

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Why come to the Building for the Future Dinners?

In just over a week’s time many of us will be sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal together as The Factory is transformed into a dining hall for two nights of the year. The Building for the Future Dinners are taking place on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September and we’d hate for you to miss out, if you haven’t yet booked…here’s somethings to think about that might persuade you.

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International Bible Study: Good News For All

There’s a school of thought that says those born into families who follow other religions won’t be interested in church because they follow their own gods, their own traditions, their own beliefs. It’s a way of thinking that seems to be gaining popularity in our pluralistic society. But the Bible has a rather more global view.

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Summer Reading

Most of us will have extra time to relax over the summer & reading is one of the most popular things to do on holiday. While you’re lying on the beach in the sun (or sitting on the pier in the rain) why not read a Christian book that will edify and encourage you in your walk with God?

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Marriage Matters

Based on Paul Tripp’s excellent book ‘What did you expect?’, Marriage Matters looks at what the Bible has to say about marriage and considers its practical implications.

The course runs for 6 weeks and is a great MOT for all married couples.

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Revive: Created for Christ

In the beginning…there was Richard in a marquee.

But by the end there was lots of tired but smiling faces inspired by God’s creativity, amazed by the servant-nature of those in charge, and motivated to keep God at the centre of their lives through the “awesome illustration of a stone in a jar”.

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Let me give you my card…

We’ve just had a delivery of new business cards at Dundonald this morning and the timing couldn’t be better. Perhaps you already have a personal card you use with work, but you’d be forgiven for thinking perhaps they’re not that necessary in the digital, smart-phone age.

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