This page is for those who have completed the trail or for those who will not be able to complete the trail but would like to watch the videos and discuss the questions.

If you still intend to complete the trail yourself, don’t go any further!

no 1 – mary

In this video we meet a young woman who has been promised the most remarkable thing…

Discussion Question: Why did God become a baby?

no 2 – joseph

In this video we meet Joseph, the man who’s promised marriage didn’t quite go to plan…

Discussion Question: Why did Joseph not divorce Mary?

no 3 – Lamb

In this video we meet a lamb, who’s normal day turned out to be very strange, just as she was settling in for bed…

Discussion Question: Why was Jesus born in a stable? Why is this so shocking?

no 4 – ShepherDs

In this video we meet some shepherds who experienced quite a spectacular night sky…

Discussion Question: Why were the angels so excited?

no 5 – Herod

In this video we meet the King who didn’t want another King around…

Discussion Question: Do we want Jesus to be King over us? What might stop us?

no 6 – Wise Men

In this video we meet some wise men who had decided which king they were going to worship and which they were going to ignore…

Discussion Question: Why did the Wise Men worship Jesus> Why should you?

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