STARTER: If a documentary crew followed us around for a week what would they see about
our relationship with God’s word?

1 | DANGER for a Bible-teaching church. It’s easy to point fingers at dangers ‘out there’
but what about us as a church that publicly prioritises teaching God’s word? A particular
temptation can be — paradoxically — that we become skilled at keeping God’s word at a ‘safe’
distance. We tick all the right boxes on a statement of faith, take comfort in holding ‘sound’
views, but rarely if ever finding ourselves moved by Scripture. We can think maturity means
somehow never needing to be changed or challenged, even by God…

Discuss Read Isaiah 66:1-3

  1. Why is v1-2a important to remember for those eager to serve God?
  2. How might v2b challenge and encourage us?
  3. What is the warning in v3 for those who think they’re ‘doing the right things’ for God?
  4. In what ways might these verses confront us?

2 | POWER for a trembling church. There are serious warnings against half-hearted or
hypocritical religion (that honours God with lips but with hearts far from him). But there is
tremendous blessing and spiritual power promised for those who ‘get real’ with God and
respond rightly to him and his word. Let us reflect together on what some of these are:


  1. How do these verses motivate us to take God’s word to heart (and not just lip service)?
  2. How practically can we seek to cultivate a right attitude to God’s word (personally, in
    families, small groups and as a whole church)?

PRAY (as this must ultimately be a deep work of God’s Spirit!)

Leaders Notes (PDF)

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