Building for the Future – Project Update June 2017

As many of you know, the planning application for the development of Dundonald Church was submitted to Merton Council at the end of February.

Thank you to all those who supported our planning application and sent in their representations to the Council as part of the public consultation.  The review process is taking a bit longer than we had hoped but we anticipate that our application will be considered by the Council’s Planning Applications Committee at their meeting on 20 July and we should then get a decision confirmed during August.

If you are new to Dundonald and perhaps are not familiar with the background to this project, we hope to write to you personally to outline the project in greater detail and explain why we are looking to develop the site and how we hope the new building will serve God and reach out to the community for many years to come. We will give you an opportunity to support the project financially at that time should you wish to do so. In the meantime, do take a look at our planning application on the Council’s online planning portal.

Whilst we wait for the Council’s decision, the Building for the Future (BftF) team are meeting with a number of potential development partners and considering the best way to progress the building development should our planning application be successful.

Finally, thank you to everyone for making efforts to review the way we travel to church perhaps leaving the car at home from time to time and especially for where we park when we do come by car. It is important that we continue to be considerate to our neighbours. Here is a reminder of the different ways of travelling to church and where to park if you do bring a car.

There are a number of things we’d like to ask you to pray about over the coming weeks:

  • Please thank God that despite taking a bit longer than we had hoped, it looks as though our application will be considered by the Council Applications Committee at their meeting on 20 July. Do pray for the Committee as they review our planning application and please pray that they will approve our application.
  • Please pray for the ongoing work of the project team and particularly for those meeting with potential development partners, praying for wise decisions that best serve the church and the gospel.
  • Please pray that we continue to be good neighbours in reviewing how we travel to church and in being considerate in where we park if we drive.

Given the delays in getting a decision on our planning application, we hope to provide the next full project update in September. If you’d like to contact the project team over the next couple of months with questions or comments, please do contact us at

Thank you for your ongoing support to this project.

Building for the Future Project Team

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  1. 7th October 2017. What’s the latest on the new building ? This page says you were expecting a reply in August.

    1. Dear Amanda,
      Thank you for being in touch and for your interest in the project.
      We were added to the September Planning Committee Agenda and then withdrawn due to an administrative error by the Planning Department.
      We’ve been confirmed for the October Agenda.
      We’ll post an update following the outcome of the Planning Committee meeting.

    2. Dear Amanda, the latest update following last night’s Planning Commmittee Meeting is here

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