Books For Little Ones by Stephanie Carmichael

Helping a child learn about God during such formative years is both a great privilege and a unique challenge.

Books for Little Ones is a series of simple books written specifically for this age group (1-4 year olds). Along with beautiful photos, each book provides age-appropriate teaching about God and us, in a way that encourages your child to take the first steps of faith—first steps on what will be, God willing, a lifetime journey of growing in the knowledge and love of God.


we are asking a kids leader or parent to read out our favourite kids book at the moment for you to enjoy. Jenni is a mum at Dundonald and is also a leader in our youngest kids group, who had read out for us two books that relate wonderfully to our current family devotion series on prayer.

These books help teach our under 4s how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to God.

Jenni’s Readings:


we are asking the same kids leader or parent to give us their own thoughts on the book they have read

Jenni’s Review:

‘Stephanie Carmichael has written a brilliant set of books for little ones, helping them to get to know God better. They have simple, engaging text and beautiful photographs which means that even very young children will be able to understand. She has written 3 books specifically on prayer (‘Thank you God’, ‘Sorry God’ and ‘Please God’) which are great to model aspects of prayer to young children and help to give them the words to say thank you, sorry and please to God. I love the fact that you can use the text in the story and then ask your child to add something they can see., apply it to themselves or make their own sentences. Sometimes, as adults, we pray with big words and long sentences which means that children could be intimidated and hesitant to pray. Using these books will show them that prayer can be very simple.

The beginning of each book has a note for parents, giving information and ideas. Stephanie also suggests how the text can be used to make your own personal books, with drawings or photos. We have used Stephanie Carmichael’s books and teaching materials for years in our Mini Movers classes and I have loved using them in the story time for our kids.’

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