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“Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi.

This is an incredible story of an American boy who was born and raised a Muslim. He has a strict upbringing and lives the total existence of a “disciple” of Mohammed for Allah. He learns also to attack the other religions with reasoning designed to show how wrong they are, and Christianity is especially a target. He can recite the Koran at an early age. He does not know what it means but he does not have to know – reciting it is sufficient.

As a teenager he refrains from the “sins of others”: drinking, smoking and staying out late, living under the watchful eye of his parents at all times.

At university he meets one who seems to be a similarly restricted young man – a devout Christian named David Wood. They talk and Nabeel challenges the other about his beliefs – hasn’t the Bible been countlessly re-written since early times, making it no longer a worthwhile document, whereas the Koran has remained the same since it was given to Mohammed by Gabriel in the cave?

Nabeel brings forward numerous challenges and David and he chat extensively about their religions. David asks Nabeel to bring the same questions he has about Christianity and ask them about Mohammed and the Koran. The search for truth begins…

Nabeel digs deep in his father’s study where he has every imaginable resource at his disposal. Gradually he finds the truth that Mohammed was not a prophet of peace; in fact he was a cruel war-monger by our standards. He married a girl of nine years of age, something against our laws in the West. The biographers of Mohammed in the “hadith” paint a foreign picture of the messenger of Allah.

Gradually both the Koran and Mohammed’s teaching are shattered by Nabeel’s painstaking study. However he does not relinquish his faith because it would mean losing his family and friends and his whole way of life. If he embraced Christianity it could mean his death under the punishment for apostasy.

He prays to God, to Jesus himself, to help him with his dilemma. He has dreams that undeniably point him towards Christ. At last he surrenders and is baptised as a Christian. He tells his family and they are shattered; he is cut off from his previous way of life. David Wood and he begin his new life.

He completes his medical degree and he studies at theological college. Eventually after getting many religious qualifications he goes on tour (with Ravi Zacharias) preaching that Jesus is God – one of the Trinity. He is now very successful as he has a wonderful experience to relate.

Nabeel writes this best-selling book about his life and conversion to Christianity. It’s full of his experiences told clearly and engagingly. It is something of an emotional whirlwind that will engage any reader. It introduces one to Islam and its many facets. You get a clear picture of what it means to be Muslim with all its daily requirements. And you being to see with the mind of a Muslim – our western way of life is so counter to theirs.

This is one of the most riveting books I have read!

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