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1 Dundonald is an “evangelical” Christian Church. This means our mission is to grow disciples of Jesus Christ who live by the Bible.

2 Our church is committed to this historical Reformed Protestant understanding of Christianity – that salvation is by grace alone, in Christ alone, through faith alone, according to the Bible alone, and to the glory of God alone.

3 We are convinced that the spectacular benefits of God’s gospel are life in his heavenly kingdom – a life that starts now. So when we turn to Jesus we begin to experience the reassuring comfort of peace with God even amidst tragedy and pain, the uplifting encouragement of our certain hope of being with him, the deep satisfaction of abundant life in personal relationship with him, and the joy of Christ’s righteousness counted as ours and growing within us.

statement of faith

These doctrines are further explained in our Statement of Faith.


  • So our goal is to grow disciples (followers) from all nations for Him…
  • We want to be like the crew of a lifeboat serving the needs of others rather than passengers on a cruise ship concerned for their own comfort:

Jesus Christ said, “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28)


Richard Coekin

Richard Coekin is the Senior Pastor of Dundonald Church and CEO of Co-Mission Church planting Network. He is a renowned Bible teacher and has been involved in launching numerous churches and other ministries, such as the London Men’s and Women’s Conventions, the 9:38 Ministry Training Strategy, the Passion for Life mission, and The Planting Collective. He is also involved in a Bible ministry to Members of Parliament in Westminster. Richard is the author of several books including Our Father, Ephesians for You and Gospel DNA.

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