My name is Abby and I live with my Mum, Dad, big brother and big sister.

Abby is a part of our 10:45am service and is in our ‘Stackers’ group (age 7-9). This is her second blog showing us what she had got up to during this lockdown.

#2 – 20/04/20 – Celebrating Easter!

1 – Last week I made a Resurrection garden using things in my backyard. On Easter Sunday, I changed it to angels and flowers, and rolled the stone away from the tomb.

On Easter Sunday we watched church on YouTube. We went on an Easter egg hunt after church and I found 9 hollow chocolate Easter eggs and 2 small chocolate bunnies. The hollow eggs remind us that Jesus’ tomb was empty on Easter Sunday.

3 – Before Easter, I found a gap in my fence. The next door neighbours are 2 girls who starting putting letters through the gap. We became friends and we ring a bell when we put a letter into the box so that we know when there’s a letter.

At Easter they gave me an Easter nest made of Rice Crispies. I gave them each a basket I had made filled with Cadbury mini eggs. They don’t go to church but they learned about Jesus at school.

2 – Mum and I made Easter cupcakes. We had to stir together the icing and put three Easter eggs on top. Me and my family ate them.

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