Back at my desk on Monday morning it was hard trying to sum up the weekend away to my colleagues. Of course, explaining the hotel, sports, friends, and entertainment was all too easy. The real sticking point in weekends such as this was the centrality of God’s word and how refreshing it was to be reminded of the perspective of everything.

It is so easy in the busyness of London life to forget the bigger picture. Refreshing, freeing perspective was what I took from our sessions in Ecclesiastes. I know I am guilty of living a blinkered life so focused on just getting through the day/week/month but God, through Santhosh’s faithful preaching, challenged me on this.

It is when we look up, and realise what life under the sun is like. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it sometimes hurts. Yes, it is full of frustrations and toil. However this is where God has placed us for now so there is no need to despair. Not only does this give us reassurance, but He has placed us here with a loving family to comfort, care, laugh and cry alongside us throughout.

It’s the perspective and remembrance that the creator, sustainer God is also our loving Father. Despite sin, life is still full of everyday gifts and blessings. To deny them is to deny who God is, our loving Father who delights to bestow such things upon us.

2017 was a big year for me, in lots of ways, and who knows what 2018 might bring – but what a way to be reminded right at the off that Christ and his Gospel must remain central. It really was a great weekend away.

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