This passage pulls no punches: “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?” Ouch. Even if our specific context and particular temptations may be different, what this passage raises is obviously supremely important — a matter of life or death, blessing or curse. So let’s pay attention! 

Starter: What kind of people do we think God blesses? Is this similar or different to what our culture says? 

1/ Why does Paul raise these questions in v2-5? What are we supposed to realise? 

2/ In v6-9 how does appealing to Abraham and the Old Testament help reinforce the point? (Why might this be especially powerful in a controversy that prized Jewish identity?)

3/ By contrast, what is the problem with relying on the works of the law in v10-12? 

4/ Why then is the gospel such good news in v13-14? What kind of people does God bless? 

5/ We may not be tempted to rely on the works of the Jewish law to secure God’s blessing – but what else might we rely on? How can we be honest and self-aware about the dangers of this? 

6/ How does this passage encourage us to keep trusting Jesus? How would our lives look different if we really lived like this? How will we help each other? 

Leaders Notes (PDF)

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